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As much as I love my zippy little red car - it's an evil, cash-sucking machine. I will be living on Ramen Noodles and my good looks for the next month as I recover from today's four-hundred dollar car repair odyssey. The worst part being I've probably got another couple hundred dollars worth of repairs left to do.

The woes of my car go like this: The driver's side mirror was unfortunately damaged sometime in early winter. In fact, it might have been fall, I'm no longer too clear on when it actually happened. And depending on who you are, I might have a different version of exactly how it got damaged - because I didn't want my dad to know I backed up into a poll. So anyway - it flaps around in the breeze. And it's about 250 to fix, which I don't have. And there are lights out in the interior - and a few, weird little shimmies the car makes when stopped at a red light - all of which scare me, but I can't afford to fix them either. No, what I spent money on today wasn't any of those things.

About two and a half weeks ago, I had to get my car inspected - and it failed. Because of a host of problems that had nothing to do with the problems of the previous paragraph. So I got those repaired today, because even though I sometimes fear that my mirror will fly off when I'm on the highway and take out the windshield of an unsuspecting motorist, that won't cause me to fail another inspection. Along with the hood not opening and the break lights coming on inexplicably, there's a whole front end thing that was going on. So all of that I had fixed today. A scant 24 hours after payday and I'm already poor again.

That settles it, I'm going to have to start looking for an old millionaire who thinks I'm pretty and will have the decency to die quickly. I wonder if Anna Nicole Smith does counseling on that?
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