smartygirl (smartygirl) wrote,

Two Things

1. Yesterday's best MTV comment: Coral, "I wear a 32 double-D bra. One breast alone could beat the crap out of her." I've decided, despite the fact that she annoys me and scares me a little, I will champion Coral on all future Real World/Road Rules Challenges. God knows she'll be in enough of them. I hope she kicks Julie's over-tanned, blue eyeshadow wearing booty.

2. I forgot to mention: I got to see the morgue at work last week. Not nearly as creepy as you might think. It was actually very normal. Okay, so there were two dead people in a drawer not three feet from me, but it wasn't morgue on TV creepy. A. The tile was not green. B. The light was not low. C. Yes it was on the ground floor, but not in the neather regions of the basement. Oh, and D. It's sort of looked like pet groomers, to be honest.
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