smartygirl (smartygirl) wrote,

Some Things We Must Discuss - An Open Letter

Dear Future Love of My Life,

We haven't met yet, that I know of. But, I feel like I must tell you something vitally important. I don't dobut that I will love you like crazy. I'm confident that we'll be very happy, you know, once we get that whole meeting and getting to know you and falling madly in love thing out of the way. But there is something you've got to know before we get on with all of that.

It is not a matter open for negotiation, but you can learn to live with it.

I will always love New Kids on the Block. A little part of me will always be 11-years-old, and will squeal as such when I hear Please Don't Go Girl. Even if it's in the supermarket, and I'm say, buying something appropriate, like cheese, I really will get a big grin on my face, and probably sing along, and sigh when the song is over, because they may in fact be my first love. And your first love is forever.

I just got back from the show at Fenway. It was amazing. I'm so happy, it's ridiculous. I had so much fun. I danced and screamed and made a variety of high pitched noises. I may have strained a vocal chord. Absolutely worth every penny I paid to go. Worth it to walk home in the pouring, soaking, cold rain afterwards. ,It was SO FANTASTIC.

Just so you know, because we're on the topic, I've also given small pieces of my heart to the 2004 Boston Red Sox and my Snuggie. The last one is a habbit I'm trying to break, but, well, just so you're aware that it may be a problem down the line.


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