smartygirl (smartygirl) wrote,

In Which I'm Over It

So, being the chipper and vivacious girl I am, I've decided to no longer be sad about the non-fate of my novel. First, because, as I tell myself daily, I'm still frickin' awesome. Second, because I have no intention of quitting the whole "would-be published author" business.

I just have to try something else.

So, in short, I pouted some, but now I'm over it. I'll write something else.


Actually, I've already written something else, so I could dive in head first with sending out this a new project, but I'm trying to make sure I get some feedback first. I think it's wonderful, but, like my over-inflated sense of self-worth, I have no idea how much this jives with reality. So I'm going to be a grown-up, and make sure I have a little prespective before I make any moves.

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