May 23rd, 2011

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It's Not that I'm Giving Up, It's That I'm Moving On

I think it may be time to shift my focus for finding a literary agent from Smashing to another of my projects. I think I've made an extrodinary effort to get it out there, but ultimately, I'm just not getting the response I want. If I want to sign with someone and get my work published, I have to be flexible and open to the idea that another of my projects might be a better first publication.

I just wish it wasn't working out this way. You should have seen me when I finished the first draft of Smashing. I was so certain and excited about it. I loved it (still do), and I just knew it was my ticket to being a published author.

Except that it doesn't seem that it is working out that way.

I have another project that I believe is really good, and  I'll move forward with that one. I am determined that I will be published sometime before I leave this world. No, I never thought it would take this long, but I guess that's just part of my journey. I remain committed to my chosen career field and will never give up. Right now, however, I've just got to try another tactic.