March 22nd, 2011

ballet adventures

And So It Begins

Ballet was actually really fun. I didn't really know what to expect, because my only experience with ballet in the past  is a fond appreciation of the movie "Center Stage." No one told me I didn't have "great feet" or let me ride a motorcycle on stage and wear red pointe shoes, so as far as comparisons go, not so much.

The class was held at one of the local high schools. The nice kind, with a separate building just for extraciriculars (so not like where I went to school). In this case, the dance studio was below the gym, where apparently some sort of running, floor pounding exercise was happening that caused the entire studio to shake. It was mostly a lot of women around my age and older who said things like, "I've been taking dance for 15 years, mostly jazz, ballet and hip-hop, with some Afrian tribal..." And I'm like - "Uhm, yeah, not so much. I thought this was "Intro...."

So let me sum up the rest of the evening in bullet points:

* All ballet terms seem to be in French. The French have a very odd relationship with their letter Ts.
* I love that it  is acceptable to exercise in a skirt.
* However, tutus are not flattering to my hips.
* The arches of the my feet sort of hurt this morning. It's a weird place to be sore.
* I may never squeeze my ass into a leotard.
* I do want the pink tights, though.
* And the unflattering tutu. Because it's twirly.
* Also, I should say I spent a lot of time praying I didn't fall down. Proof prayer works, I guess.

I have seven weeks left. Here's hoping it continues to go as well.