February 5th, 2011

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In Which I Say Nothing New

I want a new picture of me for my various online shenannigans, but first, I want to get new glasses (cause it's time to admit I can't see nothin' these days), and prepetually need to do something about my flat hair. Plus, all the pictures I've managed to take lately make me look, well, tired and drunk. Considering I'm not drinking these days and I'm sleeping pretty well, yeah, you'd think I'd be a little bit more photogenic.

But, not so much.

Also, the hair/glasses updates have to wait. After spending all my cash on my car deductible and, well, 4 tickets to see New Kids on the Block at Fenway, yeah, I'm going to have to budget a bit for the next couple of weeks.

And if you're new here, no I have no shame in adoring shitty pop music. It makes me happy and remember being a spastic 11-year-old. And I think we should all have something that makes us swoon and be happy for no other reason that it brings back giddy memories of dancing in front of the TV and having far too much Aquanet in your hair.

The common memories we all share, if you will.