February 2nd, 2011

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In Which I Venture Out Into "The Weather"

This would be my....sixth (?) snow day, counting those late openings and early closings we've had as, apparently, New England is officially the new upper regions of Hell (where, contrary to belief, it is always this gosh-darn cold). Not that I'm complaining, mind, because a two day break in the middle of the week is kind of awesome, but I actually do like my job, and I've got a lot of work to do. All that's happening now is that it's piling up.

Also, it's not snowing.

It's raining. Hard. The sidewalks and roads around here are six inches of water and slush, which I learned when I left the house this morning for a routine doctor's appointment. My car is in the shop, so I had to take public transportation.

The good: I was early for my appointment.
The bad: the doctor didn't show because of the snow/sleet/rain.

The good: I found out it is actually cheaper to drive, as the meters on the street, when I have a car, only cost $1, and it's seven dollars to take the MBTA, thus justifying my hatred of public transportation.
The bad: I didn't have enough cash on me. On my way home I had to make a detour to the ATM, by way of Barnes & Nobel. Which is always expensive.

The Good/Ridiculous: Found out that a monthly bus pass that I've had since 2008 still works, despite having switched the type of pass had in 2009, no longer working for the employer who I got it from, and not having paid for it since.
The Bad: I found this out after I paid for the bus to the hospital.

Also, my feet are freezing because that six inches of watery muck between the the bus stop and me totally soaked my boots beyong recognition.

Bottom line, though, I didn't melt when going out in the rain. Who knew, huh?