January 27th, 2011

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Shoveling Snow is At Least Good For Burning Off Righteous Indignation

I tried to remember as I was shoveling out my car this morning that it was a beautiful day. Yes, it snowed all night long and there was some ridiculous amont of snow on my car, but by the time I had to shovel out the Mobile Storage Unit, it was bright and clear and not that cold.

Looking on the bright side only got me so far. Because the more I shoveled, the madder I got.

Not because I was shoveling. That's too common an occurance to be anything worth getting my panties in a twist over. No, it was the whole car issue. The fact that I was shoveling it out and cleaning it off because the insurance adjuster was on his way, and he needed to see the damage the LLPOF did to my car.

That's the "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire," in case you aren't familiar with that lingo.

Anyway, the whole issue of the fact that she was lying made me so mad. I wouldn't do that. Honestly, that's what I was grumbling about as I shoveled. I kept thinking, "I'm giving up. Being a decent individual with a sense of personal responsibility has gotten me nothing. NOTHING!" Dramatic capital letters were occuring in my head, trust me. At some point, my thoughts became, "Swear to God, if the Universe doesn't stop messing with me I'm DONE. DONE! I will knock over old ladies on the street and use small children as weapons. I will steal silverware from restaurants and be nasty for no reason. I WILL BE THE BIGGEST BITCH EVER."

Yeah, so, then I was done shoveling, and the Insurance adjuster showed up and he was really nice. He listened to my little rant about how I was just so disappointed that the woman was lying and I couldn't handle it. He believed me or he faked it really well.

I decided not to be a bitch. At least not the biggest one ever. I'm still not very nice, but I've backed off from evil.

I mean, at least overtly evil.