January 14th, 2011

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In Which We Are Amused and Disappointed

I'm apartment hunting, casually, as it is not the time in Boston to find a new place to live, and I'm not really going to get a better deal than I've got now. Mostly I'm responding to craigslist ads for housing. Here is what I have discovered:

Everything that looks affordable is, in fact, a scam. Honestly, out of the 5 places I responded to yesterday, I got 3 responses with some version of the following email....

"Hello, yes, the house is for rent, however, as I am a Reverend and my wife and I are in West Africa, you will only be able to look at the house from the outside and will have to wire the money to us...."

And then they ask for a lot of personal information and assure me that if I come up with the cash, I will be able to track down the agent who has the keys.

Thankfully, I'm not that much of an idiot. Yes, believing that there might be a place for less than a thousand dollars a month, sure, I was a bit naive.  I have to wonder if the actual owners of these houses have any idea that their places are featured in these ads.


But the hunt continues. For too long I've wanted a place to myself. Something I can put my own stamp on. Until my book sells and I'm an international published fame whore, I'm sort of limited to my choices, unfortunately. Because I really want a house, not an apartment. And I would really like it if said house could accomodate company so that friends and family could visit. Except that houses, especially those for rent, don't come cheap.

Sadly, I think this means I'm going to have start looking in the one place I swore I would never, ever live as an adult: Worcester.

Teenage me is very disappointed that I would consider living in a city I hated that much. Adult me thinks its centrally located (literally), has affordable housing options and is close to my parents, who I drive to see all the time anyway. 

Teenage me is having kittens as we speak.