July 26th, 2010

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Adventures in Not Seeing

The world seems to have titled on its axis.

No, I'm not having a great emotion upheaval (I've had enough of those, thank you) - my glasses broke. They were fine yesterday, and today they're tenuously perched on my face, ready to come apart in a strong breeze. I have a back-up pair I can wear until I have time for an eye appointment, but seriously, they're not exactly high quality lenses. I am horribly nearsighted, and since the pair was only for backup days like today when my glasses decided they've had enough - I didn't pay for the super-light-feather-micro-thin lenses. The thickness of the lenses is directly proportional to the price. I paid something close to $500 for the now broken pair you see in my default picture, and just over a hundred for the back-ups. Hence, the broken pair are about 1/8th of an inch thick, and the back-ups are somewhere near an 3/4th of an inch.

And terribly heavy, too.

Still, better to be able to see the world than fumble around in a haze of flat, shapelessness. I just have to find the suckers first. I haven't worn them in almost a year. For a while when I was in the habit of swimming in the morning, I wore them to the gym so that my very expensive glasses didn't get all chlorinated and thus, break sooner. After a while, though, I got out of the habit of doing that, because the change in presepective made me dizzy.

It's like this: with my normal glasses, things seem appropriately sized. With the back-ups, everything looks enormous for a few days, until my eyes adjust to the difference in the lenses. So if I was only wearing them for an hour or two around trips to the gym, I started thinking I had ovenmits for hands. Which is a little off-putting, as you might imagine.

I was hoping with my final University paycheck I could stick some money in the bank and maybe, just maybe take a little weekend trip. Instead, it looks like the cash goes to new glasses.

Or maybe contacts. I don't know, I've never worn them. I'm not sure I'd know what I look like without glasses. Although, upside, if I decide to become a superhero, a la Wonder Woman, contacts would help with my disguise.