July 10th, 2010

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Now appearing on the main stage.... woman making a fool of herself

You know how some things can change your whole outlook on a day? Just a simple something?

I woke up this morning after maybe an hour and half total of sleep, was cranky, got a nasty email from a co-worker, and spent most of my day sort of miserable.

But you know, it's kind of like my dad says, "It's work, it's supposed to suck."

Wise man, my dad.

Anyhow, tonight I went out with some friends. I drank sangria, spent time with people I always have a good time with, and enjoyed the hell out of my night. So when it was pumpkin time - i.e. sometime after 10 when we all start admitting we're getting to be old ladies - I decided to walk.

I reasoned that it had taken me over and hour to get there because the place was on a different train line, but geographically less than 2 miles.

It's been like peanut-butter thick humidity all week, though it wasn't that warm. In fact, at times there was almost a cool breeze. I noticed it because when it started to rain, I got goosebumps. I don't remember ever having goosebumps when I was sweating that much before, but whatever.

While I probably shouldn't have been using my MP3 player to walk home alone on a dark night, I did anyway. At first it was just because two girls ahead of me where having a pretty inane conversation I wanted to drown out. But eventually, I was just in a good mood. So I turned up the cheesy pop music, and danced, lip synced and did my best America's Next Top Model impression (hand on hip, exaggerated sway in walk, trying to smize - smile with my eyes).

I'm sure I looked all sorts of crazy.
Don't care. It was so fun. July 9th was therefore a friggin' great day.

Here's the last song on my playlist, just for the hell of it.  Just in case the footage from the survailance cameras I passed ends up on one of those hidden camera shows, you'll know what matches the hand gestures and spontaneous jerky fits that are actually what I pass off as dancing.