July 2nd, 2010


In Which I Get All New Age On You

Lately, because I'm obsessed with trying to figure out when I'll be published (and yada, yada, yada, you've heard my list of wants before) I've been thinking about things like psychics and Tarot cards and Angel messages and if those channels can tell me anything. I'll freely admit I'm looking to them for assurance - I want to believe I'm on the right path and I'd like some confirmation of said belief. I believe in possibilities, so why not?


Well, maybe it's just wish fulfillment, but last night, I was having a fairly boring dream, and somehow, the in-dream me (hence forth, Dream Me) realized that the dream itself was trying to tell me something. Which is very meta, I gotta tell you. Dream Me was confused as all hell. Also, Dream Me had inexplicable orange streaks in her hair. Having had accidentally orange hair once upon a time, I have vowed never to have shades of red, orange or blonde go anywhere near my head. So that was weird. But what was really weird was recognizing the message, and having the action of the dream stop and Dream Me sort of turn to me (kind of breaking the 4th wall, if you will) and just go, "Duh!" like I should have known what the dream was about all along.