July 1st, 2010

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Oh Yeah, I Remember That...

This past week, the stress made me sick. Nothing serious, just a general "I don't know what's wrong but I feel gross." It wasn't a good feeling, even knowing it was all because I couldn't get out of my own head.

So yesterday? I took the night off. I rented a silly romantic comedy (my favorite kind of movie other than raunchy comedy and tween-appropriate flix). I bought myself some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (despite knowing they're BAAAADDDDDD for me). I followed up the movie with So You Think You Can Dance, which is... pure heaven in TV form. I got away from worrying about my car and my finances and how I'll make yet another set of changes to SMASHING, and instead spent some time in the pages of a project I just adore. I wasn't do anything hardcore, only line editing, but line editing means reading, and because the project is something I wrote for the love of the story I just fell into it and felt immeasurably better.

The night was just what I needed, it let me be at peace with a few things. I think I made the right decision with my car, which is that I need more time to investigate my options. Tuesday, after my little pep talk to self post, I went with my gut feeling that the dealership was trying to soak me for more repairs than the car needed and told them not to do the service. At that point, the service guy who had been all smiles and assurances turned kind of nasty (which added to my stress) and confirmed my suspicions about the place. So, I got the car back and left it parked at my parent's house (no street sweeping rules equals no chance of it getting towed if I leave it there equals a lot less stress). I explained my decision to my parents - waiting until I had a little more cash on hand and then finding a mechanic who would do the work for less than the dealership (even if it was only a $100 difference from the dealership, that's groceries, right?). I was telling them about all the repairs I was supposed to need and both of them (and my sister later on) were skeptical. A few of the doom and gloom things I was told by dealership-guy are apparently not so doomish or gloomish, just Old School scare tactics. More confirmation that I made the right decision. It stresses me out that the dealership saw a big red target on my forehead, and started taking aim, but I'll figure out a way to get over it. After I write a strongly-worded letter to the company.

Anyhow, here's a clip from last night's SYTYCD, that's just...sick-crazy-good. I'm definitely not a dancer (people get hurt when I try to dance - especially me), and I know so little about rhythm and music and etc, etc, etc, but when I saw it I was like - Wow.