June 17th, 2010

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Must Stop

I've had a rough week. If this week were an object it would be a paint mixer - and I would be a little can of semi-gloss getting thrown around at high speed - that kind of a rough week.

I keep imploring the Universe to give me a few answers - and a break or two - but without much luck. That said, though, I refuse to wallow. Instead, I have gone back to the drawing board to figure a way to make the remainder of this week salvageable.

I started by emailing the agent who last rejected me and letting her know that I would go to work on a re-write, because, well, as much as I want to be indignant about the whole matter, that's not going to get me what I want, which is, in order, to write an amazing book, and have it published. And I know I can't do either of those things if I'm being stubborn and insisting what I've already done is good enough. Clearly, it's not.

Where I get stopped is on what to do next. Trying to be upbeat with very little idea of what to do next is starting to wear on me.