June 7th, 2010

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Greetings from the Fog

Here is my five second tour of Acadia National Park: "On your left, notice the fog. On your right, more fog!"

Honestly, though, this place is beautiful, and I'm grateful to be here with my friends. So far I'm having a wonderful time. We drove the Park Loop Road, which goes past all these magnificent landscapes - along the rocky cliffs, up through the trees, and past the Thunder Hole (insert your own joke, I'm too busy giggling everytime I say Thunder Hole).

Thunder Hole (he he he he he) is this outcropping along the coast where the water crashes down a little channel between the granite and makes a big boom. It's pretty amazing. The waves hit the rocks and spray upward and the tourists snap pictures and say, "It's really wet, isn't it?"

I climbed out on some of the rocks. Normally I would not do that - I'm not afraid of hieghts or the waves or anything, but something about not having even ground beneath my feet and being on the edge of the ocean like that freaks me out. I didn't go far - I was a little shaky, but I took a cue from my friend Deanna and decided to say, "I am so tough right now." Seriously, I was out on those rocks a whole ten feet from the path! Yeah, I'm a rock star... he he he he he...Sorry bad, bad joke.

During the drive we also stopped at the Jordan Pond House for lunch - a place famous for popovers, which are, well, really airy bread. With butter and strawberry jam they were delicious - pricy, but delicious.

Bar Harbor is kind of deserted this time of year. At least right now it seems to be. Last night when we got here it was super dark - surprisingly there weren't a lot of lights (who'd have thunk that the wilderness wouldn't have its own lighting?) and it was very foggy. At one point we were driving through the dark and my headlights swept past boys who were just sitting standing on the edge of the road staring. They weren't moving or talking to each other - they were just standing there with these zombie expressions.

Add in the fog and the darkness and the rain and oddly disproportionate number of men with big, bushy beards and yeah, it's a tad scary. Beautiful but scary.