June 4th, 2010

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Happy, Happy

Having a good book makes me happy. Like all is right with the world, smile even when I'm not hatching an evil, take-over-the-world-plot-happy.

I'm going through a book to a book and a half a day right now. Yes, I read fast, but also, it's not like I'm slogging my way through War & Peace. I've been reading a lot of YA - yesterday I read "You" by Charles Benoit, which was very short and really, really good.

I'm on vacation next week, and I've got a stack of book to take with me, and have loaded up my e-reader with a bunch more. I'm planning to spend my week off reading and writing and getting some sunshine and exploring. 

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Houston, We Definitely Have a Problem

In news of the ridiculous, I have socks for holidays I don't even celebrate.

Can I find basic white ankle socks to pack for vacation? No. That would be too simple. No, instead I have 7 pairs of Christmas socks, 2 pairs of Easter socks, socks for arbor day, and Valentine's Day, (these last two would be those I don't celebrate, no offense to trees, or Hallmark, those just aren't my style).

I've got socks with birds on them - despite my mistrust of all things with wings - and socks with fish on them - despite the fact that I won't eat anything that swims. I have socks with pineapples, dogs, kittens, pithy sayings, frogs, and arious anima

I had no idea that it had gotten this bad. Okay, sure, I always end up wearing some of those Christmas socks when it is defintely not Christmas, but that's only because I can never actually find two matching black socks to wear to work, and as long as no one looks too close, I make do.

It's time to purge the collection. From the ankles down I'm a six year old.