June 1st, 2010

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I had this brilliant Idea (capital letter necessary). I was going to blabber on about my weekend, and then oh-so-casually drop in that I just happened to spend a good portion of it revising my manuscript for Smashing once more. Why this approach, when I'm never shy about blabbering on about what I write? 

I think I'm getting paranoid.

You see, on the very slim chance that an agent who has my pages in their hot little hands decides they must Google my name to see what kind of online reputation I have, and then, oh, they'd just happen to see this causal mention of my dedication and commitment to my book, and therefore decide I'm wonderful and.....a;lkjdlkjal;sdlkfas,.....

Sorry, I'm beginning to bore myself.

I did have a good weekend. I wrote a lot, and have the ink stains on my hands to prove it. I walked places. Oooh,  I scored some sweet Crate and Barrel cake pans at a yard sale (tags still on!).* I painted my nails, read some good books....did I mention I revised?

Crap, did it again.

My bad.

*P.S. the way to my shriveled, black heart is really through good bakeware. Williams-Sanoma is one of my happy places. It's a sickness, I know.