May 29th, 2010


Groundhog Day is Not in May

Friday had this crazy theme of repetition.

For instance, my friend Brian brought back a big stack of YA novels from Book Expo America Thursday night, and I've already gobbled up two of them. Strangely, these first two had nearly identical plots; girl in a distopian society that matches or pairs couples bucks convention and falls for the wrong guy. Bad things happen as she falls crazy in love.
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But back to my point - repetitions. Even the movie I saw Friday night fit the theme. It was Prince of Persia. Press the ruby on the dagger and go back in time to live it all over again. It was a good popcorn movie, and, I suppose fitting after a day filled with little moments - doing over projects that I'd done before, answering questions I've answered before, even having a beer on the front lawn, watching the cottonwood seeds fall like snow from Mission Hill.

And then there was that other thing I did: I started re-writing the opening chapters of Smashing. Maybe this incarnation won't stick, but I was trying to take the advice I've been given (here and elsewhere) on what I should do to fix the issues the last rejection brought up. I realized that while I've done some touch ups to the early chapters, I haven't torn them apart and started again like I have for the middle chapters (and what feels like hundreds of times just for Chapter Five). At least not recently.  I need to fix in my mind exactly how long it's been since the disaster, and what the emotional high and the low is of each section in the first two chapters. I think that might go a long way.

I'm chosing to do this re-write because my goal has always been to write the best book possible. I want to write something good - something that keeps someone up until 3:30, because sleeping when she doesn't know how it is going to end would be impossible. Also, it's a pretty good rule of thumb - if you're hearing the same criticism from multiple sources you'd better look into it. 

Okay, it's 4:15. I usually wake up in an hour and 15 minutes. I guess I'd better try and get some sleep.