May 27th, 2010

Tales of the Mobile Storage Unit

Left work early yesterday - the hottest day of the year so far. I love warm weather. Love it, love it, love it. Except when I have an important, requiring nice clothes kind of appointment and the A/C in my car decides to overheat , and I have to turn on the heat to draw it away from the engine so my car doesn't crap out - and I get to my appointment dripping with sweat. Then I sort of wish for rain. Turns out, my car just needed anti-freeze - I had none. I guess that oil change where they were supposed to "check all fluid levels" wasn't worth the $40 after all. Stupid Valvoline. Although, really, who would have thought a car would need anti-freeze on the hottest day of the year? Seems kind of contradictory. Thank goodness my mom has some knowledge of cars and knew what was happening. That woman is worth her weight in Diet Coke.

I'm car-less for a few days, having lent the Mobile Storage Unit to the parents for various roadtrips. I live in the city. I live across the street from the subway stop. I can get anywhere by foot, train or bus that I need to be. When my car is in the city, I obsess over where I park and if I'll be towed, to the point where it interrupts my sleep. That said - I miss my car. What am I to do without the MSU to get me the 1/2 mile to CVS or the whole MILE to the post office? If God wanted me to use my feet he wouldn't have made me so clumsy. It was like from birth I was destined to pollute the planet and drive everywhere. Yeah, destined, that's right.

Yes, I realize there's some irony to being dependent on my car and yet not knowing basic maintenance.  I'm pretty, I don't have to be that smart.