May 24th, 2010

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Giggle of the day: My horoscope ended thus: "There is also a Full Moon in your romance zone, so how about teaming up with an alien life form for a really different date?"

Really, MSN? I'm supposed to date an alien? That's what you're going to go with today? 

(Pause for explosion of laughter)

I knew my prospects in this country weren't great, but now I'm exiled to space for any chance of getting a date? Ouch.

(Pause for longer fit of giggles)

What happened to my plan to get very old, very rich and go to Europe to marry some smarmy young guy who wants my money? I could have been flexible - expanded the search into South America or Australia, maybe. My only requirements are that he be well-spoken enough to do interviews about our unsual union on morning talk shows, and like the Red Sox.
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Is this going to be a "Thing?"

I think my alien horoscope was a big, fat clue from the Universe that I was going to get rejected by another literary agent today. 

Consider if you will: Last year an agent rejected me because she thought my book should have been about an alien invasion instead of a nuclear bomb. As a general rule, I don't think about aliens. I have enough trouble sleeping believing in ghosts. But then this weekend my Mom-Mom tells me this story about how my uncle was supposed to go Area 51 to bid on a job, but his paperwork didn't arrive on time. (A friend of his did go, and apparently, he had to wear dark glasses, and was brought in in a car with blocked windows, and not allowed to see anything, yada yada yada). What do you know, I hit something of a wall with the short story I'm working on.  Today, MSN Horoscopes suggests I look otherworldly for love. An hour + later: Rejection letter.

I'm not sad about the rejection. I had a hunch beforehand that this agent wouldn't work out, though I hoped differently. So right now, I'm concentrating on finding my little alien-parallel funny. Because, you know, if I'm going to face rejection again and again and again, well, better to be some-what forewarned, even if that forewarning is a bit goofy.

So I guess what I need is some kind of alien-repellent. Someone's got to make that, right? A little spritz to ward off rejections (and possible abduction). Hmmm.... 

Oh My God, Someone DOES!!!!!

Wow, I should totally get some.