May 19th, 2010


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Last night I had massive trivia failure. Seriously, I thought Winston Smith was the protagonist of Catch-22. It was ugly. My team, which usually places in the top 3 (and thus gets free beer) fell to 7 out of 12. I blame myself. I have had no other interest in anything lately except writing. It's all I want to do, and pretty much all I've done.

True to my goals, this week I'm working on some short fiction. I went back to some work I did in graduate school and a bit beyond, and tried to figure out if any of it was salvageable. The characters yes, the actual writing, not so much. It all needed major overhauling. For some reason it was just page after page of physical reaction to emotion. "She felt her angry rise like bile in her throat" is fine once, not eight times on one page. So, I cut and hacked, and then wrote some much better prose. I have this character I've wanted to write about and a vague idea of making a novel out of her - except I've never been able get my act together. I guess I needed to get my skill up to par first, because I can see a direction now that I couldn't before. Now I've decided to make her into some self-contained stories - you wouldn't need to read one to read another. I'm trying to keep them honestly short - under 4,000 words. That's tough for me. I'm naturally long-winded.