May 13th, 2010

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A rejection from the contest agent came today. I won't say I'm not disappointed, because I am, but I'm also okay with it. I had forgotten that I sent a query to his agency some months ago until he reminded me in his rejection. As they forgot to reject me the first time around, I think that's understandable.

Usually I won't send queries or material to an agency that's already rejected me (or in this case, simply didn't say anything), unless they specifically mention in a rejection that they would be interested in 'seeing something else.' Then I file them away for the next project. But this was a special case, being a contest.

My horoscopes (all of them) have all said that this is a week for success and good luck. The skeptical part of me screams, "It's already Thursday and nothing's happened except this rejection!" But the larger part of me that genuinely wants to believe that good things will happen, and I am doing what I need to do get my writing career off the ground, will not accept that. So I will concentrate on the positive, even if I give my self a stroke trying.

Side Note: I really want a Diet Coke. Like NOW. If you know what's good for you, you'll go get me one, put it down within 5 feet of me, and run away. BECAUSE I AM OK WITH REJECTION (I'm sorry was that loud?), but not the lack of caramel-colored caffeinated bubbly goodness in my life. Everyone has their crutch, and mine comes in a 12-ounce can.