April 6th, 2010

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Well, that's ugly

This week I've been working on a project I started a very long time ago (in other news, the sky is blue). I don't know what kind of crack I was on, but I thought I might be able to take some of the stuff I wrote years ago and turn it into a decent draft. The major flaw in this thinking: turns out I was telling the wrong story with these characters. I've had to start over and remind myself that drafts take serious amounts of time, and I can't just pick up something from five or ten years ago and make ago of it to feel productive after a dry spell.

Also, turns out, some of that stuff I wrote a while back is really, really bad. Like, oh my God, bad.

Not that what I'm writing now is all that much better. Even though I've got some scenes I love, and they progress nicely through what I imagine will be the first third to quarter of the project, there's a layer that's just not there. I've been really focused on dialoge, and it feels like I have forgotten how to write decent exposiion. As bad as some of the old stuff I pulled out is, at least it is balanced between the two.

So I won't have something new any time soon. I keep telling myself that the important thing is I'm writing again. But foolishly, I still have this wild hope that I'll have a complete draft way before it's even possible.