March 26th, 2010



I'm having back problems this week. Bad enough that I actually willingly went to see a doctor.

Naturally, when they see me gimping about, this gives people license to talk about their own back issues and offer all kinds of advice.

Seriously, if they're over the age of 25, I can't hobble away fast enough to avoid hearing, "Are you putting heat and cold on it?" "Are you taking an anti-inflammatory?" "Are you sitting straight in your chair?"

Everyone is an expert. And that's not to say I don't need the advice. In some cases, it's rather useful. And most people are nice and sympathetic. Which is so obnoxious.

I know, I'm ungrateful. The resentment is all me. I would rather not be indulged and allowed to talk endlessly about how much pain I'm in. It's embarrassing. I don't want to answer "how are you?" (asked with puppy-dog eyes) 8 times an hour. I'm hurt. It's not going away anytime soon, but eventually I'll get over it. End of story.

My apologies if you run across my grouchy, "I've been better," response or if I accidentally snap at you for offering to get something for me. Really, it's more personality deficiency then anything else.

Speaking of which, yeah, I fall right in the center of this, which I totally stole from the internet.