March 19th, 2010

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"It's the yellow button, Sweetie."

I'm not exactly in love with my new netbook. I'm not used to the size of it, and somehow, randomly when I'm tryping my cursor moves to a weird place and I have to stop and start all over again.  It's really annoying, especially as I mostly use it to write.

I may have a new project in mind, but I'm hedging my bets, considering how often I've thought something similar one day, and then the next gone on to something else. It's a project I dreamed up a long time ago, but never actually did anything about, except perhaps write on a few post-its and scraps, staple them together and shove them into a book for safe keeping. This time I've started lists of things I'll need to research in order to write this book. I've Googled the topic practically to death. I have a couple of files going with quotes I'll want to reference, and some pretty basic ideas. I don't want to dive into the writing until I've done some work, although I've got a key scene roughed out. It still doesn't feel quiet real, however. So I could be back on Monday saying, "yeah, that's not going to work."

Also, one more thing to mention: 30 Rock may be the funniest show ever. It skewers pop culture so effectively.


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Sartorial Shenanigans

I need new clothes.

Last night while folding laundry I came to the conclusion that my clothing is in rough shape. I've walked through the cuffs of my pants (the curse of the short and unwilling to go to the tailor), have mysterious discolorations on a good deal of my t-shirts, suspicious stains on my work clothese, and discovered today that the sweater I'm wearing, which has remarkably lasted some 5 years, has a hole in it.


I bought a few things in January, but not enough to make up for the amount of destruction currently in evidence in my wardrobe. Bleach stains. Unravelling hem lines. Missing buttons. Rampant sweater fuzz. It's all very sad, really.

I guess the first thing to do is to go through everything and see what I have left once I throw out anything in rough shape. I have a feeling it won't be much.