February 22nd, 2010

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Genius! Also, stupidity

Just accidentally sent an email to 1300 people instead of 1 office : pure genius.

Also, I've lost 3 followers on Twitter since I signed up a week ago. Granted, I had no idea who they were, so it's not like I'm missing something, but, really, you give up on me that fast?  Fame is so fickle. 

In my attempt to drink more water, I bought a fancy* stainless steal bottle. I assumed this was a 20 ounce bottle, because, well it looked like a 20 ounce bottle. If it were 20 ounces, then to meet my goal of 100 ounces a day - I have to drink 5 bottles full. Except, one thing. Last night I measured, just to be sure I haven't been cheating. The bottle actually holds 32 ounces. So, in fact, I drank 160 ounces of water yesterday. FYI, that's a lot of water.

* by fancy I mean that I like the picture on the bottle. It only cost like 3 bucks.

I had to go back like 3 times and fix the errors in my last post on my writing blog because first, the text after the intro wasn't there at all. Then I had it in like three times, and then I discovered a bunch of spelling errors. Someday I'll have an attention to detail, I swear it on my life. So anyhow, if you decided to humor me and read it, and then couldn't, it should be okay now.
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This is When I Hate Being An Adult

I was two seconds away from registering for a writer's conference that I want to go to this spring, when I realized, if I do I spend 1/2 by tax return, on the registration, The tax return I just got today. Given my pledge to save money, this is a bad idea. Because with me, there's always some catastrophe just waiting to happen, and better to have money in the bank then not.

Blahh. I really want to go.

I'm trying to justify that it's an investment in my future, but my rational side is, for once, being louder than my  impulsive side.

It's kind of switch.

Normally to console myself after such a revelation, I'd have to have a Diet Coke. 

But I'm being a grown-up and drinking Water.