February 17th, 2010

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In which I Drink More Water

I'm giving up Diet Coke for a few weeks. For 2 reasons: one, I started a diet today that says "No Soda," and two, since the surgery, drinking it has caused me pain. And that's something of problem.

So no Diet Coke.


Plain, ordinary, non-caramel colored water. No delightful after-taste of artificial sweetener. No bubbles.

I'm trying not to be sad, but well, for example I had a last DC yesterday, and then spent the rest of the afternoon regretting it. It hurt. During the Super Bowl, I had 2 cans of Diet Pepsi, and as a result I was up half the night swigging Maalox straight from the bottle. I'd really like not to have to do that any more. And then there's the whole "I'd rather having given this up 100% voluntarily, rather than be forced to admit I just can't have it any more" aspect.

In happier news, the external CD/DVD drive I ordered for my new computer came. This means I can hook it up to my old lap top and rescue all my music files. Not that I have that many, but, I'd hate to lose them. Also, it means I won't junk up the new mini when it comes with said music files. It is very sleek and shiny and I think I will have to think of a name for her. But not until I get the actual new computer. They're a matched set.

I was going to order a pink laptop, because 1. they don't really come in orange, and 2. it's pink!, but, I had an objection to the way you're charged for the color. Why is a colored top $40? And the two that are supposed to support charties, the (Red) and the pink breast cancer one, only give $5 of that to the charity.  So that forces me to ask: why are purple and blue $40 if nothing goes to charity? Are they more expensive to make? And, really, it's just colored plastic. A pink laptop isn't going to help me write a better book (although, wouldn't it be great if it would?).  Anyway, I went with basic black. White was the same price, but I thought (seriously) that it would show all the dirt, you know, as if it were a car.