January 28th, 2010

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In Which I Rest and Write and Reveal My Poor Taste in Movies

It dawned on me after two failed attempts to go to work Monday and Tuesday that I should just stay home Wednesday, so I did. And I must say, because of that I feel much better. I made a decent indent on the couch and not much else.

My day off convinced me of two things: 1. Do not rush the healing when it comes to surgery. And 2. Should I ever get the chance to write for a living, I will need to look into non-home office space. Because honestly, I will need to get out of the house.

Else, I will waste time with ridiculous TV movies: case in point "Pop Star" staring Aaron Carter. Now, it is no secret how much I enjoy a transparent plot and anything staring a once or tenuously famous tween star. So this was right up my alley. Here, just for giggles, is a summery:

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I wish I could blame my viewing on the pain killers, but I stopped taking them. That was, sadly, all me.

Anyhow: because I was on the couch all day yesterday, and not on pain killers, I decided I better put some of my quickly rusting creative muscles through a good work-out and do some writing. I wasn't sure what to work on so I started free writing and I think I may have hit on something. I'm not sure it has a plot, but for roughly 7 hours, all I did was write (and watch bad movies and TV, obviously). I wrote about 16 pages and I'm eager to go back to it after work today and see what comes. I haven't done that in a while, just sit and write and not revise at all. I read over most of what I wrote and it is very rough, but there's definitely a character emerging. We'll see.