January 25th, 2010

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I am yucky, but I'm still freakin' adorable

The healing continues.

I am not a good recover-er. Honestly. Let me give you scenario: I think, "I'd like some ginger ale," so I try to get up and get some ginger ale, but of course, I'm moving like a little old lady and someone says, "Melissa, just let me get it for you," and I'm like, "No, for goodness sakes, I can get my own!" You know, all snotty and unappreciative, because, well, I'm not very nice. And then I get frustrated even more because I shuffle over to the kitchen and get out said ginger ale, and then I can't actually pour my own glass, which means I have to ask for help, and I hate asking for help. A lot. I am very much a "if you want something done, do it yourself" sort of girl, and so, asking for someone to help is against my moral code or something.

So remind me at some point to thank everyone who put up with me and or actually helped me, because this being an invalid thing is very frustrating.

Not that I'm actually an invalid, I don't mean to overstate my case, I'm just...yucky. I got up and went to work this morning, but now I need to be home because I am all kinds of sore. Baby steps.

I spent much of the last week in front of the TV because, honestly, TV doesn't mind if you're hopped-up on painkillers the way, say, books or any other reading does. Also, I started knitting a scarf, but, as I knit like I drive a stick shift (I can do it, but not with any grace), I'm not hopeful. So I've had it with TV, which is shocking to me, as I love TV.

Anyhow, I hope for a return to normal soon.