November 11th, 2004

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You Never Call, You Never Write, You Watch "The Biggest Looser"

I am a particularly bad pen-pal. Considering I'm a writer, this is pretty damn sad. What can I say? Letters just aren't my thing. For once, you have to tell the "Truth" in letters, because generally you're writing them to friends and family and over-rated popstars, and how could you lie to those people?

So to all of my friends who might pop in to see what I'm up to - HI! I'm sorry I'm a terrible pen pal. (Most of you whom I know understand my issue with phones. Think of it this way - when I'm 90 it won't seem so odd that I'm afraid of them.)

And on to other news, has anyone else seen "The Biggest Looser?" I'm prepetually sure that this show should offend me. As an overweight woman, I find it particularly appalling that reality TV would stoop to using weight-loss as cannonfodder. Come on! What's with those ads where they show the woman contestant jumping and the whole screen shakes? That's just mean. And asking the men to take their shirts off and reveal their man-boobs for America to mock! That's so wrong!

And yet, I watch it.

Sickly facinated, I watch it and I think I secretly love it.

I mean, because unlike those people that are swallowing bugs and back-stabbing on reality TV, the people on this show are doing something good for themselves. And it's sort of facinating to watch them all work so hard, with a side-dish of alliances and challenges and their trainers giving tepidly inspiring speeches about how much they love them.

Oh, but then there's the desert cases that go dark when you get kicked off, and the ads that are so terrible, "Oversized Pop Star," and the whole issue of Caroline Rhea's wardrobe and hair, which, frankly, are just sad, so I'm conflicted. And finally, the thing that makes me most sure I should hate the show: next week they're using innocent cupcakes to tempt the contestants. They're making cupcakes evil! That's just wrong, people!

What has the world come to?
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