November 2nd, 2004

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Vote for Me

Went to vote this morning. Though there was a long line I didn't mind - it meant people in the neighborhood were voting. That's never a bad thing. Anyone who hasn't voted yet today, please make sure you hit the polls before they close tonight at eight.

I was up in the air about who to vote for, to be honest. There weren't many people on the ballot, and I was surprized to see no questions or propositions on the ballot. Surely there had to be something the people of the commonwealth were challenging or trying to get through? Anyhow, I got thinking about what would be the most sensible thing to do. I mean, half the people on my ballot this morning were running unopposed. I hate to see that. Unopposed candidates become complacient elected officials. And aside from those thoughts, I was still bothered by the presidencial race.

In my oppinion, I think we're screwed no matter who wins. Bush has been, well, let's just say, less than stellar. I don't think Kerry would be much better. His senate record isn't spectacular. And Nadar - well, I was doing some reading of articles he's written this weekend - and it seems to me he tries much to hard to apply simple logic to the political process. Logic has very little to do with politics. So what to do?

Let's just say I made a choice, I think it was the right one for me, and leave it at that. I made my best effort to get as much information as possible. To deal with my disappointment over the lack of running in the other races? Well, I've always believed that as a country, America needs more female politicians. And while I'm not sure I'd make a good politician (although I have previously confessed to being an excellent liar), I needed to use my ballot to express what I believe. So in at least one race, I won't say which, I voted for me.

Why do I think this a good idea? Well 1, I've always hated foregone conclusions. An example: the Red Sox will never win the World Series because they're the Red Sox. John Kerry will win Massachusetts because it is his home state. I think foregone conclusions lead to dangerous habbits. Whole populations of people not voting, for instance, because they think their vote won't count. What happens if there are thousands of people with a differing oppinion that don't vote, simply because they believe what they hear? Nothing is certain, sometimes the Red Sox do win it all. And Reason 2, by using the write-in vote, even if I had voted for Wonder Woman, Punky Brewster, or a host of other ficitonal characters, I'm letting those unopposed candidates know that their seat is not as secure as they think. Watch out. One day someone might run against you. So in the meantime, be an active political figure, don't rest on your laurels.

Confused? Conflicted? Vote for me. Better yet, vote for yourself.