September 18th, 2004

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Because Sometimes, I Even Amaze Me...

Here is a quick excerpt from a novella I've been working on for far too long, which means about 3 years, off and on (more off than on, sadly). The story is, well, that' debateable actually.... Okay, let's just say, the story is sort of in two places 1, it's about a young woman who realizes she can't hide from who she is, and 2, it's about all kinds of things like homesickness and faith and roomates who drive you crazy and boyfriends who aren't very nice to you. So, below is about 1 page of this story, "Mary Louise in Rapture" and it's about the beginning of the second section, which takes place at a small New England college. Anyway, I like this part, I think it shows something important.

P.S. Praise and adoration are always welcome...


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The Extended Ego Trip Remix...

Here's a bit more of my writing, because, well, I feel like it. This is something else, a young adult novel. In order to orient you to the story, I'll say this:

This is the first plot point of this novel. Nora and Henry have been best friends since forever. This is the point where their relationship starts to change (which is the point of the story). I wanted to post something directly prior to this that informs the scene, but I can't find it right now.

So what you've been missing is this: Up until this moment, Henry has been convinced he doesn't want Nora as a girlfriend. And Nora, who is usually something of a spitfire, has been teasing him about it and trying, none too subtlely, to make him jealous by telling him about another kid at their school that's asked her out. That scene ends with Nora and Henry finding out that Nora's mother has been hospitalized, again. Nora's mother has a habit of making herself sick. So this scene takes place later that day, after they've been at the hospital for several hours.


From about Chapter Three of "Henry and Nora"

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