August 26th, 2004

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A Post About How Wonderful I Am

Back in July I made a visit to Laurie Cabot, the "Official Witch of Salem" for a psychic reading. Basically, she told me this: Get to Work. She said I was wasting my talent by not using it enough and not promoting it enough. Her advice was to write up a fact sheet about me, stressing all the great things I've done and how fantastic I truely am. And though I know this will probably seem egotistical and only like four people actually read this journal so it won't really be taking her advice, I'm going to start here.

So, officially, a list of all the great things about me:

1. I worked my ass off in college and managed to graduate with high honors, even though some semesters I was working two, if not three, jobs.

2. I wrote a novel. And it's really good.

3. I say some really funny things sometimes.

4. I've had more than one published author tell me I'm one of the best writers they've ever encountered.

5. I earned my Master of Fine Art degree while working 40 hours a week and 4 hours of commuting every day. And my GPA was 3.9. And I wrote that novel, mentioned above.

6. I'm a good friend. I listen and I try never to offer cliched platitudes when someone's upset. Also, I have an amazing ability to put up with a lot of crap.

7. I'm interesting. I would be good reality TV. Or at the every least one of those documenteries about monkeys on the Discovery Channel.

8. I'm well spoken. No one throws around a five dollar word like me.

9. I still have my New Kids on the Block tape from 1988, because even though they are terribly uncool these days, I'm very loyal, and a small part me will always love them. And if you don't think that's such a great thing about me (in fact you may even think it's a tad pathetic), just think of it this way: A. I'm still a kid at heart. B. Again, the loyalty thing. and C. This is part of what makes me interesting. Odd but interesting.

10. I went to London by myself because I wanted to go. I took the initiative it happen.

11. I'm cute. Let's face it I really am.

The list could go on, but I'll stop before I'm unable to walk through doorways. I recommend everyone write a list like this, because I'll tell you, I feel pretty good right now.