May 28th, 2004

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Enough Already!

I have spilled coffee on my shirt four times this morning - in the same spot. I'm going to have to go home and change.

In other news, Fondue and Trivia night is set for Wednesday. 7:00 p.m. Just a warning - I can be rather ruthless when it comes to Trivial Pursuit. However, the cheesey fondue should make your trip worth it.

I had to take my mom's car into work this morning, since mine's in the shop: again. This time, they're going to fix some obscure problem with the ABS breaks - they promise. I love my mother, I hate her car. It's purple, which, while a lovely color on it's own, is very conspicuous when being driven - and her little Hyundai Accident is the one I was driving during the big breakdown at the end of March. The transmission and clutch were fixed, but it still rumbles like a WWE wrestler hopped up on steroids. Also, it's a stick, and while one of my many talents is being able to drive a stick and drink coffee at the same time, it's still a stick and since I'm not used to driving it on a regular basis, I got a charlie horse in my left leg for my trouble. (P.S. Not until I was at my desk this morning did I spill the coffe on my shirt - I actually made it out of the car without a drop on my shirt).

I'm really not fond of morning radio. Sometimes the DJs are funny, but most of the time they talk too much. The horse is dead, stop beating it! Like yesterday I was listening to Mix 98.5, and they were talking about a version of "Like a Prayer" they were going to play. Instead of just playing it they kept saying, "This is Madonna really laid bare," (untrue, more about that later) "The drummer really makes this recording," ad nuaseum. And they repeated themselves like 10 times before they ever played the record. Honestly, I'm a pretty calm person, but I was screaming at the radio, "Just Play It Already!" as if they might be able to hear me. Shut up already!

Okay, about the Madonna song: Like a Prayer is one my favorite Madonna tunes. But she was not "laid bare." That would have implied she was just singing into the microphone. No, she had a band and a FRICKIN GOSPEL CHOIR oversinging her. So she sang a little wobbly - she's not a great vocalist. Why people make such a big deal over her, I'll never know. I love her early stuff. But once she hit the mid-90s, not so much. Plus, she has an annoying media personality and takes herself way too seriously.

Saw some video my sister shot while in Russia. Little Cooper has a parasitic rash because, apparently, the Russians don't believe in laundry detergent. However, on the bright side, he's too cute. In the video he couldn't quite crawl yet, so he was pulling himself around by his elbows. I've decided a good nickname for him would be "Cooper-potomus," because, well, I just think it sounds cute. I'm also toying with "Cooper-J" and "SuperCoop."

Alright, I'm off to change my shirt before anyone notices THE GIANT STAIN of DEATH.
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