May 24th, 2004

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American Idol Overkill

If you've been reading my journal you know how much I adore American Idol. I can't help it, it's like crack. Sadly, I think I've overdoesed. Here's a list of all the American Idol related stuff I either watched or flipped by in the past four days:

1. Reruns of AI auditions
2. E! True Hollywood Story (More about that later)
3. ET on MTV with AI contestants in every story
4. Biography of Simon Cowell
5. American Idol: The Phenomenom
6. Justin Guarini hosting the VH1 top 20 countdown
7. Various stories on E! News, ET, Access Hollywood and Fox News

Even for someone who loves the giant commerical that is American Idol, this was way, way too much. Also, what's her name from ET on MTV is about the most annoying woman on the planet (I just needed to throw that out there). Here's what I found interesting:

1. The E! True Hollywood Story hardly mentioned Kelly, Clay, or Ruben. They made a big deal about RJ falling off the stage, but never mentioned Christina Christian getting kicked off for missing a show after collapsing. Also, Nikki McKibbin looked like she'd been hitting the smack. Hard. Also, they never said why the second host, Dunkleman, was no longer on the show in season 2, which bothered me because I wondered if he was bitter.

2. Justin looks much better without the mushroom cloud hair. Also, found out through callmeringo that he's engaged to Nicole Richie.

3. The Biography of Simon Cowell chose to interview Ryan Seacrest. He said something along the lines of "Simon thinks he's the most charming guy in the room" and I thought: "Wow, he's totally talking about himself." Also, has anyone else noticed how much Seacrest looks like a frog? This has bothered me for awhile.

4. There was not enough Clay in any of the aforementioned programming. If Clay had his own reality show, I would totally watch it - I'll bet he's neurotic as all hell. I'll bet you he has deep conversations with his dog, and I'd almost guarantee you he makes the dog talk back.

5. I don't really care who wins this week.

I shall now write another bad poem for Clay:

Never go away, Clay
Stay and be my special nerd love

Okay, that ought to do it. What else is there to say? In other reality tv news, I've become addicted to Colonial House on PBS. My favorite moment, so far, was when the guy came out of the closet during church. Yes, I was hoping, just a bit, that the holy-than-thou Governor Wyers would condemn him - cause that would have been good drama - but the moment was golden all on its own. I knew as soon as he said "I was raised Southern Baptist" that he was about to come out - that was a given - but he was so sincere. I'm glad people clapped for him.

The other reason I'm addicted to Colonial House is that I think their pants are funny. Who knew MC Hammer had fashion predecessors in the 17th century?

If you couldn't tell from the amount of television related material in this entry - I did much of nothing all weekend. Saturday, I attended an excellent party given by modpixie - with fantastic cello music by the Sob Sisters. And I even did some writing - revising the first two chapters of my novel. But really, I spent most of my time being lazy and watching TV - it was great. I watched both The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles (which I have to say is surpassing The Breakfast Club as my favorite Molly Ringwald movie thanks to the hilarious wedding scene). I love lazy weekends.