May 11th, 2004

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From Russia, With Love and to Wisconsin, with Good Wishes

Today, which is really yesterday, because she crossed the international dateline (or is it the other way around), my sister went to Russia to meet her baby. Much rejoicing in the family, as this is my parent's first grandkid. I have not decided what my new nephew will call me, as I figure I'd better meet him first and get a feel of his personality. Our little communist is expected to arrive home in July. I have not written about him before because 1. I'm making an effort to write about me, as opposed to my friends and family - whose events have tended to dictate how I think of my 'Life' in the past (in the social sense), and I've decided not to do that anymore, and 2. Sometimes when I over-think things, they don't turn out well, and I wouldn't want that to happen. Anyhow, I figure since my sister has had to fly several thousand miles and eat squid as an on-flight meal, she deserved some special recognition. So, yea! I'm very much looking forward to being an aunt.

In other news of other people, I'm afraid I won't be able to attend my friend's wedding. I'm very sad about this fact. He and I were good friends once upon a time, I would have moved heaven and earth to be there for him on day like his wedding day. But I'm thinking of saving my vacation time to see the new nephew, and I just don't have the 700 bucks it would take to go all the way to Wisconsin. Also, in the four years since college I've seen this boy just once - so it's not like we're the best of friends anymore. I'm still thinking I'll drive all the way there. It would be closure, of a sort. I thought I'd come to terms with never seeing him again - but thinking about it, I realized I'd really like to see him get married and be happy. Why then the internal weirdness feeling about the whole venture? I just did a map quest search for directions and it's roughly 1124 miles, and would take something like 18 hours. That's 8 tanks of gas, there and back, plus meals and sleeping arrangements. I don't know, but I think I could do it. Now, how do I get the money? I'll stop short of turning to prostitution, but anyone got any suggestions?
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The Picture of Ill-Health

Left work in a panic today to make a phone call. Was so worried about it that I actually made myself sick. I only get this way over a few things: 1. Money (that was it this time). and 2. Odd lingering fear from childhood that my parents will get divorced for a third time. 3. The thought of going to prison (I used to have nightmears about it when I was a kid. I've never actually been to prison). Today, everything worked out just fine. I've got tons of paperwork to fill out, but everything will be okay, really. However, I still feel like my stomach is going to jump out of my body and run into on-coming traffic. If I weren't broke this would definitely call for some prime retail therapy. Crap, now what do I do? Well, at least I got a cool new Punky Brewster icon.
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