May 7th, 2004

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Pop Music's Bitch

Yesterday I was flipping channels and I came across MTV just as Clay Aiken's video for "The Way" came on TRL. I am sorry to say that it made my day. I wish I were into indie rock, or, you know, music with meaning. But I am not. There are many kinds of music I like - jazz, country, bluegrass, oldies, R &B - all kinds. But what do I get the happiest about? Cheap pop songs sung by cute boys.

I think admitting it is the first step.
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Oh Mr. Darcy, Surely Not!

I have just read the most disturbing thing. According to the Internet Movie Database - Brad Pitt is supposed to play Mr. Darcy in a new version of Pride and Prejudice. That is just not right.

I like Brad Pitt, I do. I look forward to watching him dash around in a leather skirt in Troy. But so help me, if he ruins Mr. Darcy I'll scream.

1. I don't believe, for even a second, that Brad Pitt could be a better Mr. Darcy than Colin Firth. Not gonna happen. Colin Firth looks like he was born to be Mr. Darcy. He broods and wears those high collars like no one else. I have a feeling that Brad Pitt will look merely "uncomfortable" in period clothes.

2. Last night I happened to catch Laurence Olivier's turn as Mr. Darcy on TCM. Brad Pitt is no Laurence Olivier. (However, that version does features the unfortunate exchange:

Lizzie: " were so proud."
Mr. Darcy: "And you were too Prejudice!"

and though I'm sure Brad Pitt could do better than that, it's still Laurence Olivier and I'm willing to bet his brooding could beat Brad Pitt's any day.)

3. Oh come on! Brad Pitt? Mr. Darcy is supposed to be thinking-woman's gorgeous - like Colin Firth or John Cusack before his face got all bloated. Brad Pitt's too obviously good looking.

I wonder what Brad Pitt will sound like with an English accent? God help us all.