March 19th, 2004

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Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Last night my roommate said, "I'd be much more productive if I didn't read LiveJournal all day." I'm beginning to agree with her.

They shot a gorilla in Dallas yesterday after it escaped from his enclosure and bit a few icky little kids. Sad. I betchya those kids were asking for it. Like I bet they went up to the gorilla cage and made faces and started talking smack about eating bananas. Just a shame.

I am fond of capital letters. I don't understand why people who email have such an aversion to them. Capital letters, when used properly, separate us from lesser species, such as teenagers.

My sister is fond of calling and singing little songs at me that go something like this: "I'm in California and you're not. It's warm here and you're cold. Hahahahah." She has no rhythm.

I sing in my sleep. Apparantly, just nonsense, though I wish I could break into a chorus of something really obnoxious like "Hit me Baby One More Time." Ohhhh, better yet, Barry Manilow's "Copacabana." What would you sing in your sleep, if you could choose?
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And Now... Pimp My Ride

God Love MTV.

Two things: The new make-over show "I Want a Famous Face" is deliciously grusome. The first episode, about two twin boys with BAD BAD BAD skin who want to look like Brad Pitt had a very icky sort of incestuous/homoerotic kind of vibe on it. Absolutely facinating. But my favorite MTV moment of well, yesterday, was this: Watching "Pimp my Ride" there was a great quote, "This car is like a mullett, All business in the front, party in the back." It doesn't get much better than that folks, it really do not.

On the Menu for Breakfast Today: Warm Chocolate Chip Muffins.